Day 8 : Make

It was a day planned to drive from place to place. I saw two in detail and paused at a few other random places.

So you get 3 photos for this day.

Barber Surgeon tools – Avebury Henge – early 14thC
chalk horse – Hackpen Hill – mid 19thC
Gold Sun Disk from the Bronze Age (Wiltshire Museum, Devizes)
Gold Sun Disk from the Bronze Age (Wiltshire Museum, Devizes)

The Museum at Devizes was a random decision to attend – I had been told to visit the town cos it was a pretty little town – I wouldn’t say it was pretty – it was worth a wander around but the museum was the highlight and, along with the Avebury Henge, was a great day to get some some of the back story and wider context before my visit to Stone Henge coming up tomorrow.

I had my first – ‘I don’t think I recognise this as the way back to the car’ – moment – but I should have trusted my instincts – I was on the right path and found it without incident.

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