Day 5 : Square

In one of the many Squares of Liverpool One, the very rectangular SPAM™ was doing a brisk trade. If you zoom in you might make out a sign on the side of the van touting the marketing gem of SPAM™ Fries.


Today was a travel day – from Liverpool to Bristol. I spent the morning in the Liverpool Museum learning more about this amazing port city. Then it was time to head south. I went via the Shropshire Hills. Visited Chester for lunch and the Cathedral. And did random side visit to Old Oswestry Hill Fort – my first ever Iron Age Hill Fort! It had lumps and bumps and I felt very time team as I looked around. Didn’t stay for long as the wind was cold and cutting right through me.

Old Oswestry Hill Fort

And then it was on to Bristol. I used AirBnB and stayed in a studio apartment. This is a long stay and will be my base into the middle of next week.

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