Day 3 : Art

This morning I was back to Anfield Road for the stadium tour. I didn’t get the data on my uk sim sorted until this afternoon. I was a bit stressed cos the hotel wifi was rubbish and without the internet I don’t know anything or how long it takes to get places. Plus any nav system on a phone is a mullion times better than built in sat nav. But I was glad I had that at least otherwise I have no idea how I’d have got to Anfield by myself today (taxi last night) may have had to resort to paper!!

As you can guess I have data now and worked out I got ripped off cos my first test recharge failed. It was only £10 but that’s about $10000 Australian. Which would have only included 500mb of data. If it had worked. Ironically he didn’t like my prepaid Visa cos, ‘last time we got ripped off by some German lads who used one’. Hmmm.

The photo?! Art. Sadly no SydneyFC Cove sticker on this, one of the rails from the Kop Terrace. From back when they squeezed 28,000 people into an area that now holds 12,409 since the move to allocated seating. The noise coming out of the Kop was even more spine tingling than I had hoped. Though it could have also been the sub arctic gale that was blowing through the stadium.

Afternoon was spent sorting out data. Enjoying data. Getting my bearings. Grabbing some mundane shopping and generally not rushing about to keep a deadline.

Oh yes and some random hard man shouted some unintelligible scouse insult at me as we walked briskly passed each other, all while his lady friend scowled at him. Must have been an Everton supporter.

I hate, you hate, we hate Victorians
I hate, you hate, we hate Victorians

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