Australia Day 2016

This country was inhabited.

Australia is a great place to live and I am extremely thankful for it’s peace and prosperity that I am able to enjoy, at the same time I am aware that not everyone enjoys that peace and prosperity.

Some are denied it by the colour of their skin, their beliefs, their mental health, their family and friends, the addictions of themselves or others, the list is long – and not unique to our country. But they are our issues. We need to own them and strive to relieve them and while not all will ever feel the same peace and have the same prosperity we should seek to enable people to experience peace and prosperity in their own way on their own terms.

This is Australia Day.

It means different things to different people. It means hope and happiness and freedom to some while to others it means pain and loss and humiliation and death.

I don’t see why these mixed feelings and responses should surprise anyone and are seen as mutually exclusive. All history is in truth a mixture of the best and worst of us and nothing human is ever purely good.

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