Day 6 : Remedy

Day 6 : Remedy
Sydney FC score a goal

Road tripping to see Sydney FC play in Newcastle was this weeks hoped for remedy to a long week of work.

For most of the game it seemed like it was going to be a slow drawn out nil all draw, with the feeling that our 4 hour journey there and back again was going to be wasted. But late in the second half, following a few chances and a messy build up our goal scoring Marquee player, Marc Janko, squeezed the ball past the keeper and into the back of the net!


Final score Sydney FC defeats Newcastle Jets 1-0.

Sydney FC had 24 shots at goal with 9 on target for their 1 goal.

Going into this game Sydney were 5th on the table, in other games to be played this week position 1 plays 2 and position 3 plays 4, if both those games are draws Sydney FC would finish this round 2nd on the table.

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