Yosemite First Impressions

Yosemite OS X 10.10

I installed Yosemite (OS X 10.10) on Friday night.

After making sure my two backups were up to date and turning off Time Machine, it was time to update.

I love my SSD – the installation didn’t take all that long so before I knew it the new login screen was before me. Stunning.

Yosemite Login Screen

The effect is, I believe, called Vibrancy – but it looks like the log in screen is a sheet of privacy protecting frosted glass. Gorgeous. The log in screen include the date and time and the wireless info and also a random seemingly useless Apple Icon on the top left hand side of the screen.

Then you log in and it’s welcome to flat land. I am not a fan. Though I suspect that after a week or two I won’t even notice it – except for the worst of the new interface anyway – buttons, for instance, and their crazy thick glowly glow cloud effect around them. Yuck.

I started a post and you’ll never believe what happened next.

I made a list of 14 things I Dis/Like about Yosemite

  • liked – the new log in screen and that after the install it shows my old desktop image
  • disliked – when I logged in it choose to change my desktop image so some random blue thing
  • like – the idea of flatness
  • dislike – implementation, buttons are a start but it extends to – term, actually no, it’s buttons – big and small, in website and as Application navigations items.
  • like the new font
  • dislike some of the new icons – Finder, Safari, Calendar, Folders
  • like how fast it is – especially Safari – wow!
  • dislike – Help is still so freaking slow, still, and I have an SSD
  • LOVE HOW FAST IT IS – especialy Safari – wow!
  • like iCloud Drive
  • disklike that I have to wait until Monday for iCloud Photo Library (have a good back it, it’s in Beta and well, you know, Beta)
  • like Continuity
  • dislike I have to wait until Monday for SMS Relay, and I can’t get Handover to work at all – maybe after I update to iOS 8.1 – maybe.
  • like the new Spotlight
  • dislike that it includes Bing search and I can’t seem to find if you can change it

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