Sunday March 30th Sydney : You with 15 Cats 89 Points

I enjoyed my lazy start right up until the moment Passbook popped a message on my phone telling me it was time to board my flight. Sadly I was just about to leave my hotel.

Somehow I had managed to plan my morning around the wrong departure time and so I was still in the city when I should have been boarding a plane.

I left immediately and not surprisingly managed to miss my flight. I was not very happy with myself. $250 and 6 hours later I was on my way back home.

I arrived in Sydney with a message offering me the chance to get the 15 cats photo. I agreed cos it was easy points even if I was not a cat lover. And it meant another days photo was sorted and so my mind could relax. So I stepped off the plane in Sydney jumped in my car and drove across Sydney to Dural to get the photo with 15 cats.

By the time I arrived I was tired, annoyed at missing the plane and spending much more money than planned, sick of travelling and just wanting to be at home. But I was also very thankful for the team for organising the 15 cats and so I sat as calmly as I could as 15 cats were herded into a photo.

I wonder what I am thinking

And then, finally, with a smile and wave of thanks to Lesley from Cleo’s Cattery Dural I finally headed home to await midnight and the start of the final day of the Hunt. A day with a 24 hour challenge. A 6 hour challenge and the final dinner. Thanks to the big weekend of points, especially the cat photo I was now within striking distance of finishing fifth. To do so I had to complete both the bonus challenges.

A huge day was yet to come.

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