Saturday March 29th Melbourne : Spirit of Tasmania 84 points

Yesterday I went from Toongabbie NSW to Davenport TAS. Via a few other towns.

Today I was to spend the whole day in a single State. In fact in a single City. Melbourne.

But first! Bright and early we were awoken by the relaxed and calm tones of the Spirit of Tasmania central address system informing us it was ten to 6 and in 40 minutes we had to disembark. It was still dark and I needed the photo for this day You (face visible) on The Spirit of Tasmania. The good news was that one that photo was taken it would mean I could just relax and enjoy the day without thinking about any Scav Hunt photo taking. This is A Good Thing.

You on the Spirit of Tasmania – 84 points
Awake? Yes.
Happy about it? Not So Much.

And so at 6:40am we were on the streets of some Port in Melbourne. Thankfully it was at the end of a tram line which I knew headed right back into Spencer Street. Howie had arranged to have breakfast with a friend of his and so we had a few hours to spare.

We ended up in Federation Square. At dawn.

Boffo. A good one.
Pano Phun with Howie.

I do enjoy Melbourne town and although I had had an excellent sleep the night before the huge drive and early start meant I was feeling smashed. But it’s a pretty city so our spirits were lifted. I guess such hopeful optimism is the Spirit of Tasmania, the boat had worked it’s magic.


Then it was off on a tram and some walking and some more walking and some eating and then more walking. Earlier I had realised I had no ticket with me to see the Sydney FC game that was to be played in Melbourne. I’d bought one at home the week before when we were planning our adventure – and was also part of the reason we did such a crazy schedule the day before – but somewhere along the line my electronic ticket had not arrived and I had forgotten all about it. As we were walking along we walked past a Ticketek outlet and so I said good bye to Howie and friend (Howie was flying home about lunch time) and organised a new copy of my ticket for tonights game. Simples.

My tiredness was increasing by the second and yet I still had 3 hours before I could check in. So rather than just do something in Melbourne I jumped on a tram and headed out to St Kilda Beach.

After a lot more walking I paused for a coffee and a stare out over the ocean and to take what is one of my favourite photos of the whole Hunt – even though it was worth no points.

St Kilda Beach.
Good coffee, relaxing vibe. #notForPoints

It was then time to head back into Melbourne. So a bit more walking and another Tram ride brought me back to Fed Square where I, eventually, found the entrance to the Australia Centre for the Moving Image. Even finding something is hard in Fed Square as the external architecture is mirrored by the crazy levels and unintuitive access points.


History and technology and fun stories and memories. I didn’t spend long enough as I was becoming more and more weary and the time was moving closer to check in time.

Another pause, another panorama.

Finally I could check in. Have a shower. Crank the aircon and sleep.

Before I knew it my alarm was breaking into my recovery. For a few moments I pondered the heretical though of just watching the game in bed in the hotel – but I could hear my ticket calling out to me to support my team. And so out I went again. More tram rides. More walking A few friendly chats with the local Victory supporters and an entertaining and frustrating game in which Sydney FC Scored first but then finished up with a well fought draw.

Beautiful stadium.
Shame about the away bay location.

A good night out. Though I was extremely happy to head back to the hotel and back to bed. It had been a great two days and there was two more yet to come. I didn’t have to board until 8:45am the next day so I was looking forward to a decent nights sleep without an early start.

[just checked back over the post and realised that almost every photo is a Panorama. I do love me a panorama!]

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