Friday March 28th Tasmania (65 Points)

By Air. By Road. By Sea.

After the fun of finding the Statue and then the late night Steel Wool Spinning (a definite hunt highlight) it was a very reasonable start to catch the flight to Launceston. Thanks to Howie my Tasmania Travelling companion I got access to the Virgin Club Lounge. Nice.

Our goal was to fly to Launceston, drive to Hobart and then return via Launceston to Devonport in time to catch the Spirit Of Tasmania that same evening. We had to board by 6:45pm and our plane was due to arrive in Tasmania at 11am. It was going to be close.

The flight and drive were uneventful – Tasmanians are happy to drive at 125kph on the highway and whilst one lane each way was not busy. The countryside felt like Australia though once we moved away from the coast it was surprisingly dry. A few cool looking colonial buildings punctuated an otherwise standard landscape. I makes me keen to return to see all the amazing bits I missed out on.

We arrived in Hobart city to find drivers who couldn’t merge. Only one multi level car park at the Woolies and the block queue to get in was matched by a constant stream of cars leaving it. Strange City.

Behind the car park in a dank courtyard was what turned out to be our lunch stop – Nicolatte. Though Short on Time we had lunch and a coffee and took some photos. My original plan was to use the GPO but I couldn’t locate any Postcode so two panoramic street scapes were a better alternative. I love me a Panorama!

In Hobart – 65 points

In Hobart – 65 points
Just at the end of this lane is Nicolatte a dingy courtyard and
the only multi level car park in Hobart.
In Hobart – 65 points
Let’s call this Collins Street and say it is the main street of Hobart.
GPO is up on the left.

Nicolatte had friendly service, good food and great coffee and it is well worth dropping in during a visit to Hobart.

And with that we were off! Back up the same road we came down and then further on to Davenport to make the Ferry. Along the way there was much humour and complaining about many things, we also had time for a pit stop and then, with the sun sinking and the clock ticking we made it to Davenport.

We made it with half an hour to spare – which might sound a lot – but when you consider how far we had come and all we had done that was not a lot of spare time at all.

And there she was
The Spirit of Tasmania

We had made it – we stowed our gear and made everything ship shape then set out to explore. It was a strange experience – finished in 1998 it retained it’s late 90’s decor. It could have taken more travellers with ease and as we had dinner I had to wonder why even these people were paying so much to travel by boat to Melbourne.


As the sun set tiredness washed over me like a wave.


Grabbed some dinner, found a friendly Football loving Purser who set me up a TV watch the A League – while the rest of the ship watched NRL, AFL and Cricket. Then fell thankfully asleep after a massive but excellent day of travelling.


I didn’t get sea sick and the gentle 1 metre swell falling to half a metre meant I had a very deep and refreshing sleep while the ship did the hard work of moving me very very slowly to Melbourne town. Where another day and more adventures awaited me.

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