oops – but wait there’s more!

And so the hunt has been over for a week now.


Yeah, so, erm, what happened to all those pictures?

Well, some of them are over in the thousand words bit on the right – but not all of them.

The final weekend 28th to 31st was absolutely HUGE! I took the Friday and Monday off to just enjoy the final days. They were full of travel and rushing and catching things and laughing and missing things and sitting silently trying not to kill any cats or people and rushing again and then we sat and ate and then – it was over.

Why the delay? Since the hunt ended I got steadily sicker until last Saturday night though I am feeling much better now. It never became a full blown anything but it was bad enough I didn’t go to the Sydney FC game on Sunday night to sit in the rain. Even though they won 4-1 w00t!

So now I am better and the first term of 2014 is coming to an end I’ll step those who visit through the final weekend of my Scav Hunt 2014.

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