Thursday March 27th : Burning Steel Wool & 6 hour Bonus Challenge

Two photos today – the standard photo a day and a bonus challenge.

Burning Steel Wool – 40 points

This was great fun and very spectacular. Could have done this all night experimenting with getting just the right photo – but there was  group of us and we also had to get our photos submitted. Something I would love to do again at some stage.

The other photo was a 6 hour challenge we were given minimal clues and told to find an object which was located within 5 km of the Harbour Bridge. After a false start we found it in the Star Bar. The golden idol from Indiana Jones guarded by Jackie Chan. I enjoyed a beer with Howie as we discussed our plans of the rest of the hunt. [link to the actual Bonus Challenege Round Page]

6 hour bonus challenge – 66 points

At the end of day 27 of 31 days of the scav hunt I am in 7th position and that is pretty much where I will stay – I need to make up almost 200 points or 50 points a day to get into 6th and the person behind me has to do the same. And there are just not that many points remaining.

I have tomorrow and Monday off and have some fun planned for the weekend. And Monday we already know has a 24 hour challenge and a 1 hour challenge as well as a 7pm final dinner.

Lots of fun still to be had and then I return to my normal life.


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