Weekend Wrap Up

Another March Scav Hunt weekend is over and we are now into the final 7 days.

Saturday was off to the baseball. [75 points] Not the most exciting night of my life – but I have been to a baseball game and I got the points.

baseball_other submission_baseballThe hot dog was my submission photo – like I wrote – I got what I came for.

Sunday was up to Gosford for the Melanoma March. [62 points] It was a smallish gathering but I caught up some other Hunters and got a photo with Lawrie McKinna – the mayor of Gosford and CCM coach for their first 4 seasons. If you would like to support a worthy cause perhaps you would consider donating through my supporters page at Everyday Hero.


He didn’t mind posing with a Sydney FC fan and we speculated as to the cause of their inconsistency this year. It was a great place for a great cause and the walk around a bit of the bay could not have happened in much more beautiful place.


Finally, today was a Bonus Challenge which I just did not get enough time to do – you had to get a photo dressed in any school uniform in the classroom of a school you had attended – primary or high school only. I had the contacts and being a teacher meant getting into the school probably would have been easy but I just did not have any time in the day to get the school uniform.

The time issue was cos I had to get to the city to get let behind the security gates at the Fortune 500 HQ of Commonwealth Bank. Thanks to Lesley and her Brother we got the access to collect 93 points. Not a bad little effort.


And that’s the wrap up done. I am probably going to keep 7th Spot despite not doing the Bonus challenge. I did some sums and I doubt I’ll get any higher – but that’s ok participating into the top 10 is good enough for me.

Stay posted, the week is only just started and I know it will be a crazy one, with yet another 24 hour challenge to come and a 6 hour and 1 hour challenge to go as well.


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