With Someone Who Inspires You – 29 Points

With Someone Who Inspires You – 29 Points

My original plan was to give blood – but as I drove to the donation centre I was called to be told the power was out – no donating today.

Then at lunch I got called to say “the power is on do I want to come in today after all?” I said yes. Got there just in time to join the final set of donators.

But first they wanted to go over the first timers questions cos it had been 2008 when I had last given blood.

Apparently if you have had an operation to remove a Melanoma (it was a small one caught early on my ear) then you can’t give blood for 5 years. Fair enough. Sad cos I wanted to give and get into regular giving, sad cos I missed the 83 points.

Got home and decided to do 8:43pm – took the photo, many photos and was cleaning out the ones that were no good when I inadvertently deleted ALL the photos.

Was very sad. Then Steven Dearth got one of his many Football phone calls – in the photo – after a very long day of work. And I knew what category I was going to.

Steve inspires me on many levels – he encouraged me back into Football, inspiring me to play even though I was 41 and hadn’t played in over 15 years.

He works so hard for the club and wants it to grow and thrive and for people to have a great time playing and getting better.

He loves God and kids’ church and is a great encourager and the best housemate I have ever had.

The photo hasn’t been accepted yet – but if it gets rejected I’ll be posting a foot or something lame so this is my photo for you for today.

PS the photo was accepted so I didn’t have to post something lame to the comp.

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