In the front seat on the top level of a double decker bus – 43 points

It is, what it is, what it is.

I remember the double decker bus rides of my youth. Living at Bondi. Riding the top of the double decker was a great thrill. As it rushed down the hill of Old South Head Road with what seemed like a deadly sway and roll and the sounds of the trees scraping along the roof, it was adventure.

I remember the bus labouring up the same hill and peering down the periscope hole which allowed the bus driver to see what was going on upstairs, or, as in this case, the face of an inquisitive child and his mother telling him to sit back so the driver can see. It was the mid 70′s and I was 7 or 8 years old.

Tonight the bus had 4 cameras and I could see from the bottom of the stairs there were people sitting in the seats I needed to get my photo. When I got there everyone was in a world of their own with music, books, funny videos all brought to them through their ear buds and the technology in their hands. Perhaps the music was created yesterday and released to all the world today. The book could have been written a thousand years ago, scanned and available at the touch of a few buttons to anyone in the world. And the funny video was one that almost anyone in the globe could be watching at that same moment and laughing at the same places.

Don’t let the lack of flying cars fool you. This is the future.
And it’s just as dystopian as we imagined it would be.

But we can make a difference, and these hunters are doing just that, support them:

the_howie – Asylum Seekers Resource Centre
TheDruce – World Vision
jllfrd – Heart Kids NSW
Lesley – The Freedom Project

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