Lip Dub – 54 points

Not sure how long before YouTube take down the content or I get my first copyright strike – but for now. Enjoy.

The song is Everything will be better in the morning but Rizzle Kicks. They do the backing track for a segment on Soccer AM – that is how I know those guys.

It was always the plan to do lip dub today. As always I had a half idea and thought I could pull it off by myself. Nope. This was actually effort number two when the first one failed big time.

I am heaps happy with how this turned out. And kinda proud to be the first to post for this category. I hope that it might help anyone who was wavering over whether to do it or not to make the decision for YES! I am sure that there are others with plans underway – you can work on this for the whole month if you want (I worked on it this evening) – and very much look forward to some epic efforts.

I filmed with my iPhone and edited with Adobe Premiere so I could do the background items separate to my face which made it much easier to take the items away. So one take to have the items in the background up long enough to cover the song and then another take to get my face done. I’d already done about 6 attempts with both things going on at the same time. But I had to do it in small segments and then hope my head didn’t move too much and the edits would have been pretty hideous.

I dropped the two videos (three really as I decide that the end of the clip would need to be shot separately) into Premiere, cropped the first too clips in half and laid them side by side to create the single clip of my singing with the other items disappearing. Once that was done (which was pretty easy with the right tool) I had to sync my lips with the music. That took quite a while and I reckon if I am out it’s cos I was out when I was singing along not cos the video didn’t match.

Once that was all done it took 3 runs to get the two parts of the video to show up when I turned my editing into a complete video ready for uploading so I had a little panic there and then I had to make the video small enough to upload and submit before midnight. Video making is fun but laborious.

Oh yeah and the terrible copyright violation is going to make me lose sleep for a few nights. YouTube has already tagged my video as having a content violation – which I have admitted to. I just hope I don’t get a copyright strike and instead the rights owners decide to advertise on the video instead. I’ll keep you posted.

Tomorrow I am having dinner and the photo for Friday and Saturday and Sunday and Monday are all sorted and are all 100% certain so I can relax for a nice solid chunk and just enjoy the photos and plan for the rest of March without the added stress of trying to get the photo of the day done.

It’s only Day 5! I love it!

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