eyes largeAn era ends. Another begins. Welcome …
born c1997 died August 7th 2013*
born August 14th 2013

* was removed prematurely by an overly keen IT crew member at NetRegistry. They had decide that the name space needed to be shutdown and so they froze renewals, regos and transfers. An eagle eyed IT crew member spotting that had expired in 2004 and had not been renewed since decided it could be deleted. I’m not convinced that is actually what happened but when they think I got 8 years of free domain name and they are going to shut it all down in 2015 anyway I decided I would just leave things as they were and hope they don’t come after me for any back payments. The way I remember it I was paying up until a few years ago and then the renewals stopped coming. But when I searched my emails the last renewal notice I got was in 2003. Not sure what happened there but it doesn’t really matter now.

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